A pallet rack system facilitates the continued work and productivity of any warehouse; they’re a necessary part of storing inventory efficiently and orderly. But there are times when you will need to know when to replace your pallet racking for the safety of workers and the protection of inventory.

Old, damaged, or poorly constructed pallet racks are a significant threat to staff working on the floor. By knowing the signs of a bad rack, you can eliminate the risk of injuries.

Questionable Construction

Every rack needs to follow the correct specifications and use suitable materials—any deviation from this can lead to disaster. Inspect your rack system and make a note if you spot any parts that are misaligned, materials substituted for other parts, or support structures not adequately anchored.

Ticking Time Bomb

While issues with construction may not be apparent at first, and it may seem as if the rack itself is sturdy, that doesn’t mean it has the longevity to hold out forever. Over time, the stress of incompatible parts or misaligned shelving will wear down, causing critical components to break. All this will eventually lead to the collapse of your pallet rack.

Damaged Components

You need to take every imperfection seriously—whether the damage is rust or corrosion due to the climate, stress cracks from holding too much weight, or dents due to collisions with vehicles. The smallest crack can have a cascading effect across multiple components that will result in total failure. A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, and that idea carries through with rack systems.

Don’t Ignore the Imminent Danger

It can be easy to put off necessary repairs because damage does not look like it’s serious, but one failed component can make all the difference. If you notice your wiring decking for pallets are becoming warped or are developing fractures, do not try to get more mileage out of them before replacing them. Replace them as soon as you notice their deterioration.

Keep Maintenance Your Top Priority

Allowing issues with construction or letting components deteriorate will only end with more destruction and far more costly repairs. Fixing problems as you go will ensure that workers are safe and that your inventory will not run the risk of sustaining damage. Learn how to know you need to replace your pallet racking before the event of a catastrophic failure.