When it comes to wire decking, many warehouse owners are at a loss over which type of decking to use for their shelving. In many cases, wood and wire are the only available options, which drives contention between which system is actually better. While both provide different benefits, it seems abundantly clear that the advantages of wire decking for your pallets far exceed the benefits that wood shelving provide. Here are the top characteristics that make wire rack decking so amazing.


One of the most notable characteristics of wire decking is that it is a lot more wear-resistant when compared to the alternatives. Wire decking is designed with tough and long-lasting construction. This type of decking will not warm in the presence of high humidity or heat and will experience less top-wear over its lifetime. Furthermore, wire rack decking is often comprised of galvanized steel, which will reduce the chances of a forklift or pallet causing damage to the decking.

No Cutting Required

One of the reasons why so many pick wire rack decking over wood is that there is absolutely no cutting involved. Often, when installing wooden decking, you will have to do your own measurements and cuts. Compare this to wire decking, which is always precut to your specific measurements before the decking leaves the factory. This, in turn, can save you a lot of time and hassle while also reducing the number of materials you waste to zero.

Easy To Install

Because all wire decking comes precut to your specific dimensions, the ease of installation with pallet rack wire decking is unlike any other. No longer are you forced to tinker with wood, trying to cut the perfect piece so that the rack will not wobble. Instead, all you have to do is double-check your measurements and pop in the wire rack decking into the frame.

Lower Cost

Wire rack decking may cost more at first, but it will allow you to save a bit of money in the long run. Unlike wooden shelving, steel rack decking won’t corrode or warp. As such, there are far lower replacement costs for wire rack decking, as you will not have to replace these elements nearly as often.

We hope that this article has opened your eyes to the many advantages of wire decking for your pallets. Remember that even with wire rack decking, you must be careful if you want them to last a while. As such, emphasize training for your employees, as this will keep your racking in good shape while simultaneously making your workforce safer and more effective. Reach out to Rack Safety Products to start looking for wire rack decking