Impact Absorbing Guard Rails

Impact Absorbing Guard Rails

Guard Rails & Safety Barriers – Impact Absorbing

Able to flex, absorb, and reform following impacts at low-levels from vehicles such as counterbalance forklift trucks, this pallet rack warehouse guard rail is designed with the standard wheel arch impact height in mind. Its ability to absorb and re-distribute energy throughout the guard rail allows for the truck barrier to take forceful impacts without damaging the forklift guard rail or fork truck. The bright yellow color gives these warehouse safety rails high visibility. Unlike other steel guard rails for warehouses and pallet rack, these low maintenance and resilient fork truck barriers offer a longlasting lifespan while being able to rebound from heavy abuse. Using our warehouse guard rails, you can segregate pedestrians from warehouse traffic, protect vehicles or machinery, and keep your warehouse free from fork truck damages. 

  • Food contact approved and wipe clean
  • Dramatic reduction in substrate repair costs
  • Doesn’t crumple, doesn’t dent and flexes upon impact, absorbing energy before returning to its original shape
  • No repairs to barriers, floors or vehicles, and no repainting
  • After impact, all the force is transferred throughout the barrier instead of directly to the floor
  • Forklift guard rail parts can be replaced and adapted should they need to be changed 
  • Made from Memaplex™ – a material developed from a blend of eight constituents offering strength, flexibility and absorption properties.

If you’d like to learn more about how our impact-absorbing guard rails can help your warehouse, please visit our contact page or reach out to our sales team at (951) 395-0280.


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