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Pallet Rack Accessories & Safety Equipment

Rack Safety Products is dedicated to the safety of warehouses and distribution centers across America.

We specialize in NFPA Code compliant solutions for pallet rack flue space protection and flat 50% open pallet rack decking. We provide an array of high-quality pallet rack accessories to make a safer environment in your warehouse. We have pallet racking safety equipment for pallet rack systems, including pallet stops for pallet rack, open decks, rack shelving, rack column guards, rack protection, rack backing, rack safety netting, and rack repair kits. We also offer an array of services such as safety audits, rack installation, rack repair services. The safety of your employees, rack system, inventory and other warehouse assets are our number one concern!

Our patented pallet stop design: The Flue Guard is a cost-effective solution of maintaining a physical means of protection for the flue space in your pallet rack system which is required by NFPA 13 guidelines for high piled Storage.

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Flue GuardTM is a registered trademark of Rack Safety Products, LLC and is patented under US9604783 & US9604784.

“We installed them yesterday and I really like the benefits. It keeps pallets square and uniform 3″ in aisle and 3″ in the flue, prevents pallets from pushing through to adjacent location and that pallet in that location from falling, also keeps the 6″ flue coverage.”

Steve Hargett, Distribution Facilities Manager
“The crew came out and completed the rack remediation at Signal Court. In addition, they went to Belvedere to install three more guard rails. They worked fast and did a good job. Adan was very efficient, patient and easy to work with. Please extend my appreciation to him and his crew.  Thanks!”

Operations Manager

Rack Flue Stops

Rack Flue Stops

NFPA13 Code was updated to include sections that required flues be “maintained” in all warehouse racking systems.

Rack Decking

Pallet Rack Safety Accessories - Pallet Rack Decking

Variety of sizes, capacities, and custom configurations to accommodate any rack, any function and any application.

Rack Protection

Pallet Rack Safety Accessories - Pallet Rack Protection

Rack protection products that are designed to work in real-world environments and deliver exceptional value.

Product Fall Protection

Pallet Rack Safety Accessories - Pallet Rack Fall Protection

Designs customization for any pallet rack application that can be added to new or existing decking.


Pallet Rack Safety Accessories - Pallet Rack Repair Services

All inclusive services ranging from safety audits, trade-ins, repairs, re-engineering, to removal and relocation.

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