If you have been browsing our product page, you might have noticed that we offer two different types of flue space mechanisms. While it may not be not apparent, these flue-related products have distinct uses in the warehouse, though both provide crucial functionality and safety benefits to your warehouse. Look here to read about the differences between Flue Guards and Flue Keepers!

What Are Flue Keepers?

Flue Keepers stop boxes or pallets from intruding on the transverse flue area, allowing sprinklers to reach items within the pallet rack structure more effectively. These pallet racking safety stops are compliant with NFPA standards and all applicable fire codes in the United States. Using the simple brackets, you can install racking Flue Keepers quickly and easily.

What Does a Flue Keeper Do?

Our Original Flue Keepers are, as mentioned above, a safety stop for hand stacked products. The Flue Keeper HD is designed for pallets and mechanical storage equipment. Here are some of the most notable features of the Flue Keeper to be aware of:

  • They can allow your sprinkler system to work properly by providing 3 inches of transverse flue space on either side of the rack post (6 inches total).

You can get a heavy-duty tube member for frames up to 48 inches and deeper.

At pallet or product altitudes, you can employ pallet safety stop Flue Keepers.

  • At pallet or product heights, you can employ racking Flue Keepers.
  • All major rack brands have connectors available.
  • This product is suitable for recently designed installations and scheduled retrofit operations.

What Is a Flue Guard?

The Flue Guard is a pallet rack spacing product that ensures that your warehouse is safe and complies with local fire regulations. It provides a physical means of protecting the longitudinal flue space per NFPA13 guidelines for high piled storage. The Flue Guard keeps pallet rack flue slots open at all times, allowing for precise pallet positioning in your pallet rack architecture without risking product damage. They prevent pallets from going into open areas or neighboring racks and tumbling into the aisle (this is called pallet push-through). The Flue Guard offers an extra layer of fire safety to your warehouse by boosting the efficacy of your sprinkler system and managing the flue gaps within your rack.

We hope our article has sufficiently illustrated the differences between Flue Keepers and Flue Guards. If you’re interested in one of our patented Flue Guards or Flue Keepers for your own warehouse, be sure to reach out to Rack Safety Products today!

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