A fire in a warehouse or manufacturing complex can be exceedingly dangerous. The equipment or machinery can pose considerable fire hazards if not properly maintained. And extensive fire damage can also harm your company overall since it manages the operation. Here are four things you can do to prevent warehouse fires from occurring!

Install a Commercial Fire Protection System

Commercial fire protection equipment is frequently the first line of defense against a fire in a warehouse or industrial plant. A basic handheld fire extinguisher, a complex fire sprinkler, and a suppression system can all assist in containing a fire or extinguishing a flame before it goes out of control. Firefighting equipment is essential because it works to put out fires in the critical time between the onset of a fire and the arrival of emergency responders. It can also assist in putting out fires long enough for employees to safely evacuate the premises.

Hold Mandatory Fire Safety Training

When it comes to fire safety in a warehouse or industrial facility, it’s also critical to set aside a few minutes a couple of times a year to teach personnel about fire safety. The safety training should include many topics. These can include the location of fire extinguishers and other equipment, the location of all exits, instructions on how to use fire protection devices, evacuation routes, and information on how fires originate and spread. Employees who receive training will become prepared to respond to a fire and remain calm in an emergency.

Keep Workspaces Clean

When a desk is full of work supplies, papers, or even trash, the materials are more likely to feed an open flame. This is especially true when the objects in question are highly flammable. Therefore, you should ensure all workstations remain clean. Also, cleaning areas near welding stations or other workplaces that emit sparks or flames is critical. Employees can stay on top of rubbish disposal in the facility when you provide plenty of wastebaskets or recycling cans. Also, you should have a suitable fire extinguisher available in case a spark ignites the stuff around you.

Follow OSHA Fire Codes

This may seem self-evident, but OSHA regulations protect workplaces from fire threats. As a result, adhering to OSHA requirements will automatically increase a facility’s overall fire safety. Facilities should also follow state or municipal fire safety laws for similar reasons. Compliance with these rules is a fantastic approach to enhance fire safety in a warehouse or manufacturing plant. It also assures that you won’t face fines from OSHA or your local government for breaking the law. 

We hope this article has helped you understand the four things you can do to prevent warehouse fires! If you’re looking to upgrade your decking toslotted pallet rack decking, contact the team at Rack Safety Products for great prices!