Pallet Rack Repair Kits

Rack Repair Kits

Pallet Rack Repair Kits & Parts

By far, the most common warehouse rack damage is found on the front column of the pallet rack frame due to forklift impact. Additional damage to the reinforcing horizontal and diagonal struts is also likely whenever column damage is found. Luckily, we know how to prevent it. We provide damaged rack repair solutions for all types of pallet rack damage and offer nationwide rack repair and rack installation for all our products. Keep your warehouse safe with our pallet rack repair services and rack safety products. 50% or more of all our customers have pallet rack damages that require a custom pallet rack repair kit to make sure their rack is structurally sound. All of our repair kits are structurally engineered and meet the current Rack Manufacturers Institute (RMI) Rack Guidelines. Our custom pallet rack repair kits are designed for your specific damaged rack and are signed off by structural engineers, ensuring the proper load calculations are to their original condition. In addition, our team of warehouse rack repair kit specialists offers professional installation services that follow strict safety procedures. Pallet racking repairs can be a dangerous task, don’t trust all the so-called “rack repair companies” that lack the knowledge and experience of dealing with damaged pallet rack and other rack remediation jobs. Let the Professionals handle it!

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Pallet Rack Column Repair Kits

Rack Repair Kit S

Rack Repair Kit S

  • 12 ga. or 10 ga. steel construction
  • In-stock sizes range from 24″ to 84″ in 12″ increments
  • All-bolted design eliminates the need for welding
  • Heavy ¼” thick steel connection channels ensure rigid installation
  • OEM punch pattern allows for re-installation of beams
  • Heavy-duty powder coat finish
  • Available in custom heights and colors

A: 3″ or 4″ column widths available
B: Seat height
C: Overall height (seat height plus 9″)

Rack Repair Kit SPRO

Rack Repair Kit SPRO

Includes Pallet Rack Repair Kit S features, plus:

  • 1/4″ thick x 12″ high v-nose deflector provides increased defense against forklift damage
  • Flush-mounted deflector available for VNA (very narrow aisle) applications
  • Heavy-duty 4″ x 12″ footplate
  • Installs with two 3/4″ anchors to eliminate column twisting
Rack Repair Kit XS

Rack Repair Kit XS

  • Designed as a 6″ repair kit with a 12″ deflector to prevent future damage
  • All-bolted design eliminates the need for welding
  • 1/4″ thick steel construction
  • 4″ x 12″ footplate
  • Installs with two 3/4″ x 4″ anchors
  • Heavy-duty powder coat finish

Pallet Rack Frame Repair Kits

Rack Repair Kit ST

Rack Repair Kit ST

  • Straight Leg modular frame repair kit
  • Heavy-duty integral bracing
  • Includes a 4″ high bullnose deflector that eliminates load wheel damage
  • Full length rear connection channel for maximum durability
  • All-bolted design eliminates the need for welding
Rack Repair Kit SL

Rack Repair Kit SL

Includes Pallet Rack Repair Kit ST features, plus:

  • Slope Leg modular frame repair kit
  • Heavy-duty 3″ C-channel structural bracing
  • Slope Leg design allows 9″ of additional aisle clearance
  • Designed for back-to-back row applications only