Steel Post Protectors

Bolt-On Steel Post Protectors

Bolt On Steel Post Protectors

Bolt-On Steel Rack Post Protectors

The bolt on rack protector is the only pallet rack upright frame protector that protects while reinforcing a pallet racks post simultaneously. Strengthen any upright frame and prevent pallet rack damage caused by fork truck accidents. This steel post protector is an ideal application for protecting corner upright columns and works well in narrow aisles due to its low-profile design. The heavy-duty design of these steel post protectors gives any pallet rack system the protection they need to protect their warehouse shelving from collapsing. The bolt-on rack post protector is designed to work with most 3”x3” and 3”x1-5/8” tear drop upright frames. Additional holes are provided for other non-teardrop style frames. Simply align the steel post protector on to the frame, drill a hole through the upright frame, and secure the protector to the frame using our provided pallet rack safety bolts.


Bolt On Steel Post Protectors
Bolt On Steel Post Protectors


  • Includes anchors, bolts and nuts
  • Low profile design – stays close to upright and out of the aisles
  • Increases column thickness and rigidity
  • Unexposed anchor prevents snagging
  • The bull nose helps deflect potential damage from fork trucks


  • 24” High Protection with bull nose
  • Weight: 10.5lbs
  • Bolt to floor (1 hole) and column (2 holes) design
  • Requires 3.5” long x 0.5” thick anchor bolt for floor installation
  • Attaches to the front side of pallet rack upright column using wiz nuts & t-bolts
  • 3/16” thick steel construction
  • Safety yellow powder coat finish
  • Designed to fit most 3″ x 3″ or 3″ x 1-5/8″ teardrop upright frames


  • We recommend anchoring the Bolt on Frame Protector to both the floor as well as the column upright frame. The holes align evenly with spacing of teardrop holes in the upright column. The hole in the middle of the face of the steel post protector accommodates non teardrop frame columns that won’t fit bolt-on style
  • The VGuard Post Protector was designed to fit standard footplate sizes and may work with larger sized foot plates
  • Will not fit uprights with enlarge footplates (<3.75” wide footplates) but we do offer additional protectors that fit with larger footplates (contact us directly)
  • Will not work with low installed beams
4″ NDPV0403125Y outrigger deflector, bolt to floor A) VGuard
12″ NDPP1204000Y traditional bolt to floor design B) ColumnGuard
18″ NDPP1804000Y traditional bolt to floor design B) ColumnGuard
24″ NDPP2404000Y traditional bolt to floor design B) ColumnGuard
24″ NDPW2403000Y bolt on design and floor design C) WorldGuard