Pallet Rack Column Protectors

Impact Absorbing Rack Post Protector

Impact Absorbing Post Protector

Rack Post Protectors – Rack Guard

The Rack Guard is the ultimate pallet rack column protector on the market, unlike steel rack protectors, its flexible technology allows for maximum protection from incoming forklifts. By absorbing the impact of a fork truck and redistributing it back out, this pallet rack column protector is able to take sustained abuse without damaging the rack or becoming less effective over time. In addition, these pallet rack column protectors greatly reduce the damage to forklifts as compared to steel rack guards. This flexible pallet racking column guard has a slim profile and is removable if you need to use it elsewhere, compared to standard anchor or bolt in pallet rack column protectors. Overall, the main advantages of the rack guard are its ability to be moved and removed without a hassle and its ability to reduce damage on the rack as well as the fork truck in the case of an accident.


  • Side fork truck impact absorption – If struck from the side, the impact energy is absorbed and the guard then reforms to its original shape
  • Front fork lift impact absorption – Frontal impacts from fork trucks absorbs the impact of the fork  and dissipates the energy around the rack leg rather than through it, reducing pallet rack damage
  • Compression Hinge – This unique feature ensures that the leg is in a constant state of compression and grips securely around the pallet rack leg
  • Centralizing Rubber Lug – A distinctive benefit, specially designed to ensure the Rack Guard fits square to any sized pallet rack frame post
  • Built-in Memory – Made of Memaplex, a proprietary blend of plastics creating a strong and flexible solution which allows the Rack Guard to return to its original shape after prolonged fork  truck abuse.
  • Various Leg Lengths and Size Rack Column Guards – We have pallet rack leg guards in every size to fit any pallet rack
  • Ten Frictional Grip Points – Enhanced grip attaches firmly to the pallet racks column post
  • Removable Rack Post Protector – Remove the pallet rack column protectors at any time and move to other higher threat high traffic fork truck areas


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