Hybrid Warehouse Post Protectors

Steel Guard Rails

Warehouse Post Protector

The patented hybrid design of rubber elastomers and steel provides the superior impact absorption of rubber and the durability of steel into a single unit. The specially formulated, highly elastic compound found in these warehouse post protectors is coupled with a U-shaped steel insert that reduces peak stress in a column by 72%. WorldRAM is the world’s best-in-class pallet rack protection solution and outperforms all other poly/plastic or steel designs.

Rack Safety Products was built upon the belief that the workplace could be a safer and more protected against damages than they currently were. This belief led to our dedication to ensuring the safety of warehouses and distribution centers across America. Therefore, we’re extremely proud to offer durable and high-quality warehouse post protectors. Creating a safer working environment is not only good for employee morale and customer experience, but it also protects your bottom line. That is why Rack Safety Products exists—to help make life safer and simpler for all our valued customers. If you have any questions, please feel free to visit our contact page, or you can always send us an e-mail to the link on the side.


Steel Guard Rails
Steel Guard Rails

Features & Benefits

  • 12″ tall x 5½” wide
  • Fits roll-formed or structural steel columns
  • Easy installation, no hardware required
  • Absorbs more impact energy and force than other column protectors
  • Can be stacked to increase protection height
  • Protects against both front and side impacts
  • Fits all 3″ wide and up to 3″ deep pallet rack columns
  • Sits on top of footplate — allowing easy installation over seismic footplates
  • Safety yellow stripes for maximum visibility
  • Specifically formulated rubber compound provides maximum impact-absorbing qualities
  • Steel reinforcement withstands multiple impacts with no loss of performance
  • Rubber adapters are available for 158” deep or structural pallet rack columns

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