The addition of wire mesh decking to pallet racks expands the racking system’s capabilities. Wire decking between beams is a stronger, longer-lasting alternative to wood planks. The mesh design also enhances airflow, which is important when storing temperature- and moisture-sensitive items. Here are the major signs your warehouse could benefit from wire rack decking. 

You Have To Raise Your Safety Requirements

Wire decks allow your sprinkler system to perform quickly and effectively in the event of an emergency. This is beneficial to the structure, the pallet rack, your merchandise, and the safety of your staff. Plus, wire decking contributes to a racking system’s overall stability.

You Have Bad Visibility of All the Products on Your Pallet Racks

The improved visibility possible with a pallet rack system allows employees to recognize products and pallets more easily. It will also increase access to and awareness of the available inventory.

You Need a More Reliable System of Storage

Wire decks are extremely reliable due to their construction; loading racks isn’t always straightforward, and wire decks make it easier. When loading and unloading pallets, the wire decks are more forgiving than pallet supports. While you should still try to center the pallet on a wire deck’s supports, they are more forgiving than pallet supports.

You Aren’t Happy With the Price of Maintenance for Your Racking System

While wire decks are more expensive than pallet supports, the benefits will quickly pay for themselves. After you’ve built your pallet rack system with wire decks in your warehouse, you’ll save time and labor. Wire decks are also more durable than other types of decking; therefore, they will endure longer. This means you won’t have to replace them as frequently, reducing workplace interruption.

You Want More Light in Your Warehouse

Light can pass through the tiers of the pallet rack system, thanks to the wire deck’s mesh design. As such, workers will be able to see more clearly and perform their duties more safely. With your pallet rack in place, the existing light in your warehouse will operative more effectively, reducing the need for additional lighting.

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