It’s no secret that pallet racks are some of the most important pieces of equipment that warehouse facilities have at their disposal. This is because these pallet racks enable workers to store large quantities of goods in a fairly small space, meaning they are able to take advantage of this space in a very efficient manner. In general, this means they can see increased profits while keeping their rent expenses to a minimum. However, simply having a racking system is not enough. In many cases, you may need to upgrade your pallet racks with better materials to ensure their longevity. Look here to find out what the best materials are for a pallet rack.

Wood Lacks Longevity

One of the more popular methods in the construction of pallet racks is wood. Wood is a fairly inexpensive material that has some strength to it, meaning it is a good material for rudimentary racking systems. However, when you start to incorporate large machinery that may impart undue stress on the structure, wood tends to crack and splinter under the pressure. Besides this, wood is also a flammable material, meaning it will not help you in the case of a warehouse fire and will instead work against you to spread the flames. As such, we suggest not going with wood if you can afford it, as it is not the best material for a pallet rack.

Aluminum May Be Too Weak

Another popular material for pallet racks is aluminum shelving. Aluminum is a high-strength material that is relatively inexpensive when compared to other racking system types. However, aluminum shares many of the same problems as wood, especially in terms of cracking and splintering, as this metal is more susceptible to fracture than other types. However, one area where aluminum shines is in regard to fires, as aluminum is a fire repellent material that will easily survive any blaze.

Steel Is Key

When looking at warehouse pallet racking, steel is undoubtedly the best material that one can use. Not only is it strong and resistant to bending and breaking, but it is also an excellent load-bearing material. Besides this, steel can be coated with different types of paints that prevent rust, which is one of the only weaknesses that comes with this type of warehouse racking system. It is for these reasons that we recommend you use steel pallet racks with solid decking to ensure your warehouse racking system stands the test of time and rigors of daily use.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of the best materials for a pallet rack. While steel is certainly the best option, you also need to consider what other accessories you will put on the pallet rack, as these parts are necessary to ensure you get the most out of your system. Be sure to visit Rack Safety Products today to learn more!