In the warehouse, you should be doing all you can to improve the safety and function of your work area. One of the best ways to do this is to outfit your racking systems with certain accessories that increase their viability and usability, not to mention the safety that they provide. One of the best ways to ensure your racking system is the best it can be is to replace the default racking decks with steel punch decks. Steel punch decks have many advantages that are not found in other types of rack decking systems. Read on to find out more.

They Are Practical

One reason you should consider punch steel decks is that they’re practical. When it comes to rack decking systems, you want a hearty material that will stand up to continual wear and tear while still being able to support large amounts of weight. While wood may be a fine option for the short term, metal shelving tends to last much longer and has many different characteristics that make it stand out above other materials.

Furthermore, depending on the shape of the punch holes in the deck, you might be able to install different types of accessories that further your goals of organization with certain punch deck systems. These accessories may include posts or organizers that allow you to further organize products on your shelving based on size or shape. This can be a great boon to anyone, from store owners to warehouse managers, because it provides many different possibilities in how to compartmentalize the storage system.

They Are Lightweight

One of the better reasons why you should consider punch steel decks is that they’re lightweight solutions that still retain their hardiness and supportive characteristics. Furthermore, lightweight racking systems are great in that they’re easy to move and rearrange, as well as dismantle in the event that you need to take them apart altogether. Compare this with wood structures, which require you to take apart the racking system piece by piece. And even then, there will be no guarantee that the pieces will fit back together due to wearing on the drill holes.

If you find that you may need to reorganize your racking systems or that you may need to do so in the future to keep up with your company’s growth, investing in punched steel deck racking systems is a great investment.

They Protect Against Damage

Yet another reason you should consider print steel decks is that they protect against damage. This is because metal is a much harder material that is more resistant to surface wear, scratches, and bends. Furthermore, it is much less likely to be destroyed in the event of a collision with other warehouse equipment, such as a forklift. While this may sound strange, this occurrence happens more often in the warehouse than you may think, which is why this characteristic is such a big necessity to have in your warehouse racking system.

Beyond this, there is more opportunity to place racking protection accessories such as pull protectors and other types of flu protectors because of the holes that are in punch steel decks. Together, these actions have the effect of providing an extremely safe and effective racking system that will withstand damage for years to come.

They Allow Water To Reach the Lowest Decks

One of the biggest reasons you should consider pump steel decks is that they allow water to reach the lowest part of the decks without any sort of modifications. Typical decks require you to drill holes and make sure the flu space is adequate enough for a ceiling sprinkler system to reach the lowest floor and prevent fires from spreading.

This is not a problem with punched rack deck systems, as there are already plenty of vent holes for the water to travel through the racking system easily and quickly. Beyond this, another reason why you should consider punched steel decks is for their drying capabilities. Because the holes also serve as vents for air to flow through, your braking system can easily dry within a few hours if it ever becomes wet.

They Are Corrosion Resistant

One of the most unexpected reasons you should consider punch steel deck systems is that they are extremely resistant to corrosion. Corrosion resistance is especially important in warehouses that deal with harmful materials and liquids that may destroy other types of racking systems made out of organic materials such as wood. Most types of punch rack deck systems are coated with anti-corrosion metals that help the racking system shrug off any corrosive chemicals that it may come in contact with.

Some rack deck systems even come with a metal coating that helps prevent rust, making these systems last even longer than they previously would have. For this reason, if you are working in a warehouse that focuses on working with corrosive chemicals or materials, punch rack decking systems may be perfect for you.

They Last Forever

One of the biggest concerns that most people have with wooden rack decking solutions is that they are prone to rotting and overall degradation over time. While this may be a huge problem with wooden decking systems, this is certainly not an issue with punch steel deck systems. Because of the corrosion-resistant coating that is usually found on these systems, you can expect them to have a much longer lifespan than the typical rack decking systems. While this longevity is reflected in the price, it is definitely a cost that is worthwhile if you are looking for a long-term solution to your rack decking problems.

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of some of the biggest reasons you should consider punched steel decking for your warehouse. While this may be a more costly alternative to such options as wooden racking systems, it is definitely a cost that is worthwhile when you consider the factors of longevity, corrosion resistance, and overall protection. If you are looking to purchase high-quality steel pallet rack decking, be sure to reach out to Rack Safety Products today!

Reasons You Should Consider Punched Steel Decks