Inventory loss is a major problem in the warehouse industry. Product damages result in significant income losses for everyone involved in the storage and transportation industry. Crushed, broken, bent, and faulty goods cause incalculable costs to American businesses across the supply chain every year. A lot of it is avoidable, though. Owners and managers who compete in tight marketplaces are frustrated by unneeded losses. Accidents may happen, but you can drastically limit the frequency and severity of workplace errors that result in inventory damage. Here are three ways to prevent warehouse inventory from snagging!

Select the Proper Pallet

This is critical since the pallet must be suitable for the load’s weight and particular characteristics. Whatever type of inventory you have, you must ensure that your pallets are sturdy enough to protect your goods. The correct pallet will protect your goods from harm caused by impacts or contamination. It will also sustain big loads and prevent load collapse. Pallets are available from Rack Safety Products in various materials, including plastic, aluminum, and even wire mesh. 

Load Your Pallet Correctly

This may seem obvious, yet many perfectly acceptable products become damaged or destroyed when pallet loads fail due to the unsupported weight tumbling over or collapsing. Start at the bottom of the pallet with the heaviest objects and work your way up with lighter lifts that taper inward. Allowing things to hang over the edge of a pallet puts them in danger of snagging during shipment. Always remember not to exceed the pallet’s load rating in gross weight.

Contain Bulk Items With the Help of Containers

No matter how fragile or durable a product is, you must correctly package and preserve it prior to transportation. This is critical to ensure that it gets to its final destination safely. Many businesses spend a lot of money on warehouse space and equipment to pack, store, and ship valuable goods. The key is to have the right facility design, equipment, and personnel who have the knowledge to run it. Containers are an important point of protection for packaged goods. You must store things in long-lasting containers that are the correct size. Goods must have enough space to allow for perimeter packing, which ensures that they have protection on all sides. This keeps the products from shifting during transport and preserves their tops.

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the top ways to prevent warehouse inventory from snagging! If you’re looking to install pallet rack spacers to further protect your products, you should contact the team at Rack Safety Products.