Maintaining ample and consistent flue space in a warehouse environment is critical for fire safety, preserving inventory from being damage, and the safety of warehouse personnel.

Often times pallet push through is one of the leading causes of blockage and potential for catastrophic accidents.  The video to the right illustrates what can happen, and what you should avoid at all cost.

Rack Safety Products’s Flue Guard™ solves the issue of push through while also providing a multitude which are listed below.

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  • Maintains 6” (or more) longitudinal flue space in double row pallet rack systems as required by International Building Code (IBC2012)
    • Allows heat to escape through the flue to the sprinklers above, initiating sprinklers quicker
    • Improves sprinkler performance by allowing water to reach lower inventory levels through open flue space
    • Encourages the fire to spread vertically through the flue space rather than horizontally, potentially spreading to other rows of rack
  • Easily installs on new or retrofitted pallet rack systems
  • Attaches with high strength tek screws (included) for an easy and fast installation
  • Compatible with wire decking (up to 2 ga. wire diameter)
  • Same height as a 5” pallet thereby preventing product damage – contacts with the wood pallet instead of inventory
  • Does not require larger row space than 12” (unless product overhangs), whereas beam stop competition may require a larger row space to compensate for the thickness of the beam
  • Single row pallet safety stop in stock
  • Pallet rack flue space control for single row applications
  • Double walled and gusseted for superior strength
  • Integral offset rib for wire deck clearance