As testing and research continues to shed light on how flue spaces affect warehouse fires, there is overwhelming evidence indicating that flue space dividers play a significant role in warehouse and pallet rack fire protection. Today, more counties throughout the US are beginning to adopt both transverse and longitudinal flue space protection in pallet rack systems.

The Flue Guard™ is now featured in California’s Orange County High-Piled Combustible Storage Guidelines. Noted as Attachment 8 on page 19 of the HPS guidelines, the Flue Guard™ longitudinal flue space protectors as part “approved means of mechanical separation for longitudinal flue spaces in pallet rack.” Orange County and Southern California in general are amongst the strictest in the nation when it comes to fire and safety building codes.

Both the Flue Guard™ and Flue Keeper™ sold by Rack Safety Products can be found in the Orange County High Piled Guidelines as approved products that intend to keep both longitudinal and transverse flue spaces free and clear of pallets and/or boxes.

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