The space that separates pallet loads and upright frames should be apparent in a correctly built pallet rack system. This design feature protects your merchandise and acts as a fire safety precaution. Look here to learn more about the relationship between flue keepers and sprinkler systems.

What Is a Flue Space’s Relationship to Sprinklers?

Flue spaces are the clear vertical apertures within rack storage spaces. Flue gaps are required by fire codes because they accelerate rapid sprinkler system activation and enable heat to circulate upward, minimizing the harm from a fire. Additionally, flue spaces enable sprinklers to reach the bottom of the racking structure.

Transverse and longitudinal flues are the two different categories of flue spaces. The space between pallets and uprights is referred to as transverse flue space. Within each row that runs perpendicular to the loading direction is the longitudinal flue space. Both these spaces help to disperse sprinkler water effectively over the area of the pallet rack system.

How To Set Up the Correct Flue Space With Flue Keepers

A storage assist prevents pallet loads from obstructing the necessary vertical opening. A well-constructed racking system enables pallets to retain enough longitudinal flue space and hang in a double row above the rear beam. These pallets may be pushed too far and come in contact with one another.

To maintain precise spacing between rows for the flue, warehouses use row spacers. You can equip the uprights with flue keepers to preserve the proper transverse flue gap. Thanks to flue keepers, pallets won’t bump into the transverse flue space.

What Are the Guidelines for Flue Spaces?

Depending on your local construction rules, the requirements for flue spaces may change. Typically, transverse flue gaps are necessary for all racking configurations at all heights. Flue gaps must be at least six inches wide, whether they are longitudinal or transverse. From top to bottom, these flue gaps must span the whole height of the rack. If the flue is not maintained, the code requires storage assistance. These tools are made to act as a barrier or a constraint to help maintain the area open. All of these spaces are absolutely required for your sprinkler system to work effectively with your racking system.

We hope we’ve shown you the relationship between flue keepers and sprinkler systems by highlighting how these tow systems work together. If you are looking to utilize such things as flue keepers and pallet safety stops for your warehouse, be sure to reach out to Rack Safety Products today!