Safety signs are there for a reason. Displaying the appropriate ones will help you avoid mistakes in your daily work life while also preventing you from running a disorderly warehouse. There’s no shortage of information you should show, from OSHA-approved health and safety signs to compliance signs, danger warning signs, hazard warning signs, and material handling signs. The right signage, whether it’s warehouse aisle signs, warehouse floor signs, or even velocity signs, is critical to constructing an efficient and safe warehouse. Here are the top four signs your warehouse needs to increase safety measures!

1. Aisle and Row Signs

It may seem straightforward, but it’s easy to overlook the importance of aisle and row signage. They are critical for creating a logical, well-organized warehouse. Employees and contract workers must identify what they need as fast as possible. Aisle and row signs help them accomplish these tasks. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but they all have large fonts and straightforward information.

2. Forklift Traffic Signs

Forklifts are heavy-duty machines that may weigh up to 9,000 pounds and travel up to 18 miles per hour. There’s no denying the damage they can do to racks, but they also have the potential to cause catastrophic harm or death. While regular and thorough training for forklift operators is essential, bold, clear forklift signs can also help create a safe workplace culture. Forklift signs come in a variety of sizes and forms.

3. Warehouse Health and Safety Signs

Several other signs, in addition to forklift signs, relate to warehouse safety for your employees. These could include everything from sanitary hand-washing reminders in the washroom to information tailored specifically to your workplace. Health and safety signage, for example, can augment your employees’ training by pointing out hazardous materials, risky regions, and other potentially critical safety practices around the warehouse.

4. Signage for Rack Load Capacity

On your racks, it’s critical to have precise, well-placed, and easy-to-read load capacity labels or placards. This ensures that your staff does not overload the pallet racks. If you need warehouse pallet rack accessories such as signs or posts, be sure to reach out to Rack Safety Products today!

We hope you have enjoyed our recap of the top four signs your warehouse needs to increase safety measures in the warehouse! If you need safety products for your racking system, be sure to reach out to Rack Safety Products today!