No matter how you look at it, a warehouse can be a perilous place to work. Earthquakes, fires, and even strong wind can cause major problems with warehouse safety, not to mention the constant movement of vehicles unloading and loading heavy objects onto shelves. Even though the warehouse can easily become a dangerous place to be, there are still some actions that one can take to drastically improve the safety of the warehouses. Here are five quick ways to improve warehouse safety.


In a warehouse, lighting is one of the most crucial safety elements that you can bolster. Because most warehouses typically are large, tall buildings stacked high with shelving and products, it can be very hard to get a read on any potential danger coming your way. Use LED lights to save on power while providing a bright work area! In some cases, even if there is light, it could be too dim. In other cases, no light reaches corners and nooks at all. In general, a warehouse should be bright, with all corners and alleys having an adequate amount of lighting to necessitate safe practices.


Every warehouse worker knows the importance of separating pedestrian staff from vehicle operations. Luckily, there is no better way to prevent a collision than the use of tape to mark walkways. Doing so will allow you to set up efficient routes for your forklifts while still maintaining the safety factors of separating pedestrian traffic.

Safety Signs

Safety signs are a legal requirement in most warehouses, but many warehouses only display the bare minimum on these signs. Signage should be placed everywhere that danger could feasibly present itself. Never assume or guess which area is dangerous and which isn’t. Study the day-to-day actions throughout the warehouse and base your signage off of the busiest areas throughout the warehouse.

Proper Shelving

One of the most important methods of safety is ensuring that all your shelving is stable. Such things as pallet safety stops, proper wire rack decking, and proper forklift operation are essential to your safety. Get the best quality products that you can find—going cheap here can only lead to injury!

Clear Aisles

The last major way you can improve your warehouse’s safety is to ensure that all aisles in the warehouse are clear. It should be obvious that clutter and waste in any aisle can present many hazards to your work area, not to mention collisions. Ensuring your aisles are clear will help your productivity and safety.

We hope that these five quick ways to improve your warehouse safety will help your warehouse run smoothly in the future. If you need any shelving products for your warehouse, visit our store to learn more about our inventory!