Flue keepers are quickly becoming one of the premier methods to ensure adequate product spacing within warehouses. Proper spacing can prevent fires and flooding. In general, building regulations require for there to be a specific amount of flue space as a minimum to prevent unsafe storage practices. Even with all the regulations surrounding flue space, many warehouse managers are at a loss of how much money can be saved by using a flue keeper. Let us explain what flue keepers can do for you.

What Is Flue Space?

The National Fire Protection Association defines flue space as the areas that serve as clear vertical or horizontal openings. Typically, these openings will either reach from the floor to the ceiling or transverse through the racking areas themselves. Because they facilitate sprinkler function, flue spaces are a fire code requirement.

Guidelines for Flue Space

The guidelines for flue spaces will vary depending on such factors as your warehouse’s size and location. In most cases, racking arrangements for all heights will require longitudinal flu spacing to facilitate sprinkler function. Furthermore, all flue spaces should always be a minimum of 6 inches. These flue spaces must run the entire height and length of the racking. If these specifications are not met, you’ll run the risk of inadequate fire prevention and may even incur fines from your local inspectors.

How Much Money Can Be Saved With a Flue Keeper?

Flue keepers will not necessarily impact your bottom line, but what they do accomplish is preventing you from incurring fines for improper storage techniques. Furthermore, they’ll give you the peace of mind that if a fire does occur you can salvage your inventory. So, overall, flue keepers will not only save you money but also prevent you from experiencing fines and inventory loss.

We hope this article on how much money can be saved by using a flue keeper has helped you understand the value that flue keepers can provide. If you’re looking to install flue keepers, pallet racking safety stops, or any other racking products, reach out to Rack Safety Products!