When it comes to warehouse safety, nothing is quite as important as ensuring that you’re protected from fire damage through any means possible. Warehouses have the highest risk for fire damage and fatalities. As such, it’s your responsibility to ensure you have the mechanisms to prevent fires from happening. As it turns out, one of the best ways to prevent fire damage is by using a flue spacer. This article covers how to properly use one!

What Is a Flue Spacer?

A flue spacer is a bracket that ensures your pallets don’t become spatially overloaded. When it comes to pallets, most safety measures state you should have a maximum space taken up by the load you’re storing. This will ensure that there is a minimum amount of required space between the loads. This space will help the flow of water reach the floor faster, improving the effectiveness of any sprinkler.

What Situations Should You Use Flue Spacers In?

Flue spacers are perfect for any situation where you’re loading a lot of products on the shelves and don’t have the time to ensure you’re placing the merchandise in a spatially correct fashion. Otherwise, flue spacers and pallet rack spacers are perfect for any extremely dense warehouse area where you might have heightened concerns for fire damage.

It Is the Law

Flue spacers are required elements for any legal warehouse. You can have an inspector come and take a look at your flue spacers and evaluate the safety of your warehouse. Doing so will ensure you’re following the law and placing your workers’ safety first!

While relatively new in the racking industry, Flue spacers are vital elements to the safety and workability of a warehouse environment. Knowing how to use a flue spacer properly will increase the standards of your warehouse while ensuring that you are doing the most to protect both your workers and your inventory.