The warehouse is one of the more dangerous areas to work in any industry. Oftentimes, the structures and the presence of machinery can spell a lot of danger for anyone in the area. And while nobody really knows exactly how much money is spent fixing forklift accidents each year, it’s safe to say that a little prevention goes a long way in this department. Here are some safety mistakes to avoid to ensure you spend as little as possible fixing forklift accidents!

Lack of Safety Education

Operator training is one of the most effective strategies to reduce workplace mishaps and injuries. Check to see that your credentials and equipment are all current. Ensure that all personnel who operate in close proximity to forklifts are familiar with basic forklift safety. Encourage everyone to put the standards into action when it comes to things like turning blind corners and crossing dangerous junctions. If you don’t prioritize safety training, you risk incurring costly injuries and downtime that you can’t afford. The expense of adequate training is far less than the cost of an accident.

Operator Complacency

Even the most well-trained and qualified operators might become complacent over time. Ensure that your company’s management conveys that safety is a high priority. A dedication to safety begins at the top and spreads throughout your staff. Keeping up with regular OSHA inspections is an excellent approach to avoid complacency. According to one study, when a corporation conducts random OSHA inspections, workplace injury claims decline by about 10 percent. You run the danger of very serious injuries and accidents if your personnel become complacent. 

Neglecting Old Forklifts

Older forklifts require additional care and attention to ensure that they last as long as possible. You’re more likely to miss necessary repairs if you inspect the old forklifts at the same rate as your newer forklifts. To guarantee that your older machines are running at their maximum potential, you should inspect them more frequently than your new units. If you don’t, you can end up with hefty repair fees and may have to replace the machine sooner than expected. They may also pose a threat to your staff, putting them at unnecessary risk.

While it is safe to say that there is a lot of money spent fixing forklift accidents per year, we hope that this blog has helped you gain some experience in preventing accidents from occurring. If you are looking to install safety gear, such assteel post protectors, be sure to send a message to Rack Safety Products! We are sure to have everything you need to make your warehouse a safer work environment!