Workers should never go into a warehouse job underestimating the dangers to their well-being. Anyone working on the floor can suffer injuries from lack of proper lifting techniques, using filthy equipment, or not practicing adequate safety measures while storing inventory. Be aware of how to avoid injury in a warehouse and make sure you reach the end of your shift without endangering yourself or others.

Know How To Mitigate Physical Stress

The first thing anyone tells you before starting a physically demanding job is to lift with your knees, not your back. This advice is so common that many often ignore it or write it off as not a big concern. But the ubiquity of the saying doesn’t make it any less vital and adhering to it can save you severe back pain later.

Squat down and grip the object with your hands, keeping it close to your body. Lift the object by straightening your legs until you are standing, and never raise the object above shoulder height. Don’t twist your body or contort yourself in any way while lifting or holding a heavy object; otherwise, you run the risk of pulling a muscle, negating the whole process.

Use Appropriate Tools When Necessary

Many objects—whether they’re too heavy to lift or there are too many to carry at once—require the use of tools. These tools, whether they’re a dolly, a pallet jack, or a forklift, have specific applications that you need to follow for safe use. Never operate machinery you have no training for, and do not overload a flatbed with too much weight. Know the weight limits of each piece of equipment.

Practice Safe Storing Methods

The purpose of transporting heavy objects is to store them for later use, and this is where you need to use safe storing techniques to avoid any complications. Know the dimensions of the items you store and the racks you store them on; make sure everything fits with room to spare. Pallet rack hanging dividers can make this process easier, giving you a specific space to work with and automatically showing you your spatial limits.

Risk of Collapse

Just like with your equipment, overburdening your racks with materials can risk the failure of your shelves. This results in your inventory spilling to the ground, potentially hitting and injuring yourself and fellow workers nearby. Know the limits of your racks and always keep your inventory weight safely under their weight limit.

Never Grow Complacent

As the days go by and nothing goes amiss, it’s easy to allow your safety processes to grow lax. But to avoid injuries in the warehouse, you must be attuned to dangers at all times. Don’t let yourself or others minimize the threat around you; doing so can lead to safety oversights and hazardous working environments. Rack Safety Products offers a variety of equipment to help keep you and your inventory safe. Be sure to reach out, and check out our selection of pallet and decking items.