Hundreds of pallet racks, which are full of boxes holding precious products, are in countless warehouses and manufacturing plants. Workers continually walk in the aisles between pallet rack systems, making warehouses busy areas. Thus, any facility’s top priority should be safety, which is where pallet rack backing comes in. Pallet rack backing is a wire mesh that attaches to the rear of a pallet rack to keep things from tumbling off shelves and harming workers and inventory. The support protects boxes or products from dropping to the warehouse floor when workers add more merchandise to a pallet and accidentally push other boxes too far back. Here are three things to think about when selecting wire mesh backing

Is Flexibility an Important Consideration?

Netted backing (a type of wire mesh backing) has the advantage of being somewhat flexible. Because it isn’t stiff, it can move with the goods, absorbing their kinetic energy and preventing inventory breakage. On the other hand, regular pallet rack safety netting isn’t infallible and can rip. If the netting that lines the pallet racks tears, the merchandise can still fall and injure passers-by. Furthermore, objects can tumble to the floor and break, undermining the purpose of the pallet rack backing as well as the safety it is supposed to provide. Wire mesh backing provides a rock-solid barrier that stops falling inventory without ripping or tearing.

Do You Need High Visibility?

Wire mesh pallet rack backing is often more ideal than regular netting. Both rack backing solutions provide good visibility, allowing for inventory counts without having to unload pallets and preventing sprinklers from becoming obstructed in the event of a fire. However, wire mesh is more durable and hence safer in the long term. If you apply too much pressure or a sharp angle to it, it will not rip. It will not stretch out like netting over months or years of use. You can also install it flush to the rack or with various stand-off brackets, giving it the flexibility to fit any warehouse or pallet rack’s design and standards.

What Specifications Do You Need To Fulfill?

Many facilities follow the ANSI (American National Guidelines Institute) pallet rack backing standards because OSHA doesn’t have specific pallet rack backing specifications. You will not only preserve your valuable goods, but you will also prevent horrific damage to your hardworking personnel by putting suitable backing on your pallet racks. Therefore, wire mesh backing is a must-have for any warehouse that prioritizes safety. 

We hope you have enjoyed our article on the three things to think about when selecting wire mesh backing! If you want to purchase pallet rack wire deck dividers to take your warehouse storage systems to the next level, be sure to reach out to Rack Safety Products!