Presentation by Gary Smith with DACS on Warehouse Fire Sprinkler Codes and Impact on Storage Racks.


Warehouse fire statistics and insurance losses will set background for discussion. Pertinent national codes and standards will be identified for use in designing of sprinkler protection along with the permitting process and key personnel roles. Certain rules are followed in the protection scheme process: what is stored (commodity); how is it stored (density or racking type) and how high is it stored. Special cases will be reviewed involving unique products storage or environmental constraints. The impact that sprinkler requirements place on the rack structure will be covered – including mandatory flue spaces, open area shelving, etc. ESFR (early suppression, fast response) type heads will be compared to conventional heads – and their impact on in-rack sprinkler requirements. Current trends in firefighting of warehouses incidents are changing based on some large recent events. This will be highlighted along with possible changes in the next edition of NFPA -13 Sprinker Installation Standard.


  • Building code requirements for sprinkler protection of storage racks
  • How storage rack design can be impacted by sprinkler requirements

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