How Can Wire Decking Prevent Injuries?

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The warehouse is one of the most dangerous work areas you’ll encounter throughout your day-to-day activities. It’s full of obstacles and dangers; you must be alert and avoid them at all times. As such, every warehouse manager should always actively look for ways to passively increase the amount of safety on the site. One way [...]

How Does Punch Rack Decking Compare To Wire Decking

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Wire decking is some of the most important safety features that one can employ within any racking system. Not only do racking systems provide a larger surface area for support, but they help keep the racking system steady and the loads kept inside balanced within. Even with how important these racking components are, many warehouse [...]

How To Properly Use a Flue Spacer

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When it comes to warehouse safety, nothing is quite as important as ensuring that you’re protected from fire damage through any means possible. Warehouses have the highest risk for fire damage and fatalities. As such, it’s your responsibility to ensure you have the mechanisms to prevent fires from happening. As it turns out, one of the [...]

Proper Way To Operate a Forklift In the Warehouse

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The warehouse is an exceedingly dangerous place when it comes to forklift driving. If a forklift knocks into anything, it can potentially create many different hazards with disastrous consequences. Forklifts could cause a racking collapse and destroy a majority of your warehouse’s merchandise. That’s why high-quality, dependable warehouse rack spacing is so essential. You can [...]

How To Prevent Pallet Rack Damage

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Many things can go wrong while working in a warehouse, and, unfortunately, some of those situations can result in serious injury. One of the biggest dangers is a collapsing pallet rack. Pallet racks can hold hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and to have that potentially come crashing down on a worker could prove fatal [...]

Warehouse Fire Sprinkler Codes & The Impact On Storage Racks

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Presentation by Gary Smith with DACS on Warehouse Fire Sprinkler Codes and Impact on Storage Racks. Download Presentation Abstract Warehouse fire statistics and insurance losses will set background for discussion. Pertinent national codes and standards will be identified for use in designing of sprinkler protection along with the [...]

Flue Guard: An Innovative Solution to Common High-Pile Storage Issues

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As testing and research continues to shed light on how flue spaces affect warehouse fires, there is overwhelming evidence indicating that flue space dividers play a significant role in warehouse and pallet rack fire protection. Today, more counties throughout the US are beginning to adopt both transverse and longitudinal flue space protection in pallet rack [...]