Steps To Take After a Near Miss

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After an accident occurs in a warehouse, or after you narrowly avoid an accident, it is the responsibility of the warehouse manager to return the operation to its normal state. They must take steps after a near miss to avoid running into similar problems in the future. Running through the events that led to a potentially [...]

How To Prevent Pallet Rack Damage

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Many things can go wrong while working in a warehouse, and, unfortunately, some of those situations can result in serious injury. One of the biggest dangers is a collapsing pallet rack. Pallet racks can hold hundreds or even thousands of pounds, and to have that potentially come crashing down on a worker could prove fatal [...]

Common Warehouse Safety Hazards

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A warehouse can be a dangerous place where any number of things can go wrong. There can be falling hazards from overhead, unsecured racks, spilled liquids that can cause workers to trip, and heavy machinery that may become out of control. Worker safety starts with knowing the common warehouse safety hazards and to be on [...]

How To Determine Pallet Rack Capacity

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Pallet racks can take up a large amount of floor space in a warehouse. They can pose a serious safety hazard if you don’t have proper knowledge of the warehouse’s capacity. Knowing how to determine pallet rack capacity should be the first step before rack installation begins. It can be easy to estimate how much [...]