3 Things To Think About When Selecting Wire Mesh Backing

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Hundreds of pallet racks, which are full of boxes holding precious products, are in countless warehouses and manufacturing plants. Workers continually walk in the aisles between pallet rack systems, making warehouses busy areas. Thus, any facility's top priority should be safety, which is where pallet rack backing comes in. Pallet rack backing is a wire [...]

Signs Your Warehouse Could Benefit From Wire Rack Decking

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The addition of wire mesh decking to pallet racks expands the racking system’s capabilities. Wire decking between beams is a stronger, longer-lasting alternative to wood planks. The mesh design also enhances airflow, which is important when storing temperature- and moisture-sensitive items. Here are the major signs your warehouse could benefit from wire rack decking.  You [...]

6 Different Types of Warehouse Racking Systems

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Knowing the six different types of warehouse pallet racking systems can help you get your warehouse efficiency to where it needs to be. Without further ado, here are the pallet racking systems that are most likely to be beneficial to your operations! Selective Pallet Racking Systems Selective pallet rack systems are low-cost options for organizing [...]