How To Know You Need To Replace Your Pallet Racking

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A pallet rack system facilitates the continued work and productivity of any warehouse; they’re a necessary part of storing inventory efficiently and orderly. But there are times when you will need to know when to replace your pallet racking for the safety of workers and the protection of inventory. Old, damaged, or poorly constructed pallet [...]

How To Prevent Recordable Injuries in Your Facility

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Maintaining a safe and hazard-free workspace is the goal of any warehouse. With so many potentially dangerous situations, managers and workers need to be aware at all times to ensure the continued well-being of everyone on the floor. This security means knowing how to prevent recordable injuries in your facility and being proactive in implementing [...]

How To Improve Warehouse Pallet Rack Safety

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The warehouse can be an inherently dangerous place due to the heavy machinery used and the racking systems. Any number of mishaps can occur while workers are on the clock, whether due to equipment failure, user error, or electrical issues. Knowing how to improve warehouse pallet rack safety can eliminate many hazards and significantly mitigate [...]

How To Protect the End of Aisles From Forklift Damage

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With the presence of vehicles—most notably forklifts—being common equipment in any warehouse, you need to know how to protect the end of aisles from forklift damage. Collisions with the columns of racks present an immediate danger to workers in the vicinity of the crash and run the risk of destroying inventory. Properly protecting these racks can [...]